Antique Roses is an all-organic specialty rose nursery in central NJ, one of the very few on the East Coast with such large selection of antique roses. Beyond a couple of noteworthy exceptions, our inventory consists only of antique roses (or old garden roses, that is roses that existed before the introduction of the first modern rose, La France, in 1867, or more loosely those that were found or created before World War II ), and only plants we consider truly rare or extraordinary and sufficiently disease resistant. Most of our roses are winter hardy (hardy at least to zone 5 and 6, some to Zone 7), and we grow all of our roses on their own root. OGRs are a special joy to cultivate, as they are healthy, tough, beautiful plants usually with a wonderfully strong scent; please let us help you fall in love with them! Roses on the site are listed according to class. Antique Roses have connections with various nurseries and rosarians all over the world, so please feel free to let us know if you had any special requests; we ship roses only during the Spring shipping season (April/May) and Fall shipping season (September/October), however you may order any time all through the year in advance.